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Our company specializes in offering comprehensive security guard services to safeguard people, property, and assets. Our rigorously trained professionals maintain a visible presence, enforce security protocols, and control access points. Whether it’s a commercial building, residential community, or educational institution, our guards ensure safety. We prioritize emergency preparedness, customize solutions, and provide 24/7 vigilance. Client satisfaction is integral to our approach


Providing Investigator to investigate, find proof of wrongdoing. To do this, we get useful information from witnesses and bystanders, sometimes with the help of false pretenses and fake identification. We tail witnesses, take pictures, searches in buildings and keeps an eye out for clues for being use as evidence, provides clients with confidential investigative and problem solving services. We also provide advisory services to the senior management fraternity in solving delicate and complex security issues affecting the interest of the company or business. Our global extensive networking allows the undertaking of assignments beyond the boundaries of Malaysia.


Mutiara Security Services provides a comprehensive range of specialized solutions, including confidential investigative services and advisory support for senior management. Their highly trained Close Protection Operatives (CPOs) cater exclusively to high-value clients, ensuring safety through expertise in international security, threat management, tactical combat, and multilingual communication. With a global reach, AMPS operates beyond Malaysia’s borders, offering discreet and professional protection.


High Security Cash In Transit (CIT) services to various sectors and companies throughout Malaysia including but not limited to financial institutions or banks, factories, warehouses, jewelers, SMEs, MNCs,shopping malls, hospitals and more. Our CIT services are conducted by professionally trained and armed security guards with our fleets of vehicles.


K-9 guard dog services provide greater protection in preventing any high risk incidents from happening because they are fearless in attacking and curious individuals within medium range. The guard dog handler have all undergone through trainings. various breeds that are used as guard dogs i.e. German Shepherds, Rottweiler, Doberman These breeds are the best because they look intimidating and scary and have potential to do damage to theft or trespasser. 

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